Bio-energetic testing is a painless, noninvasive procedure that gathers information from your body: what’s working, what requires attention, and what would be helpful to improve your health.

This process provides detailed, in depth information about your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Our personalized approach provides a roadmap for you to follow so that you can achieve your goals of balancing your body’s physical and emotional health and well-being.

What Can Bio-Energetic Testing Be Used For?

Bio-Energetic testing can be used for a variety of concerns. The most common characteristic of our clients is they feel “off” or have recurring symptoms that cannot be explained by traditional medicine. Some common focuses of bio-energetic testing are:

  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Gluten and Other Food Sensitivities
  • Unbalanced Hormones
  • Much more!

How Does a Bio-Energetic Testing Work?

Two female hands holding a device during bio-energetic testingTrue Light Wellness uses a QEST4 machine for all of our bio-energetic testing scans. The system can perform both in-person, as well as remote evaluations.

In person, the client holds two brass cylinders that are connected to the QEST4 machine. The system uses a low voltage circuit to gather and record the body’s response by measuring changes in electrical resistance of the skin. Most clients do not feel anything during a scan. A few feel a slight vibration.

With remote testing, the client uses a provided kit to collect a saliva sample and hair sample. The kit is then returned to True Light Wellness for energetic testing via the QEST4 device.

The scanning process then asks the body a series of questions, recording the body’s responses. Many people are familiar with muscle response testing or applied kinesiology. Bio-energetic testing is a similar process that evaluates energies in the body. Polygraph testing (lie detector) is another great example of technology that makes use of the electrical responsiveness of the skin as used in the QEST4.

The test identifies imbalances and stressors that could be affecting the person’s health. Bio-energetic testing does not treat medical or mental diseases. Instead, it works to naturally balance the body’s energy.

What is “Energy?”

Our body has different types of energy that flow throughout the body. (Think of this as the body’s “life force.”) Information on energy flow has been documented for centuries. Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German acupuncturist, determined that environmental factors could disrupt the flow of these energies. In the 1940s, he found that changes in diet, nutritional supplements and other factors could improve energy flow.

Both medical and scientific experts agree that our bodies have a variety of functions that operate together, including the chemical, cellular, tissue, organs, and more. The body’s goal is always to maintain a state of homeostasis (“balance”). While a healthy body can manage some interferences or stressors, an imbalance can cause a variety of problems.

Bio-energetic testing can detect the interferences. Yvette will then work with you to design a program to address the stressors. This customized plan could include foods to eat or avoid, supplements that would be beneficial, and other therapies, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture and more.

By giving your body what it is missing, we promote homeostasis, allowing the body to operate in a state of balance.

Get Started Today!

For clients in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area, True Light Wellness offers in person consultations for bio-energetic testing and other services.

If you are located anywhere in the Continental United States, we offer remote services via online calls and mail order testing.