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Most of us focus on finding natural health alternatives when possible. We agree whole heartedly! To help, we are providing a series recommending items for your Emergency “Alternative” Medicine Kit

Our first item is Colloidal Silver which can act as a natural antibiotic that super bugs cannot mutate against and can be used for a variety of situations. Here are some of Yvette’s favorite uses:

  • Spray Colloidal Silver directly in your eye when they are irritated, or if you develop pink eye or a sty.
  • Spray it in your throat to treat a sore or scratchy throat.
  • Spray it directly under your tongue if you are not feeling well. Colloidal Silver works like a natural antibiotic that is effective even against super bugs.
  • Spray on cuts, scrapes, and wounds to promote healing. Some progressive hospitals and wound care clinics use Colloidal Silver with their patients.
  • Add to the liquid in a nebulizer to treat respiratory ailments.
  • Spray washed fruits and vegetables with Colloidal Silver before storing them in the refrigerator to kill any remaining bacteria and keep items fresh longer. Yvette recommends always treating fragile items, like lettuce and berries.
  • Add a dropper of Colloidal Silver to your dog’s water bowl to keep bacteria away. You can also treat your pet’s hot spots and wounds, as well as irritated eyes.

These are just a few of the many ways colloidal silver can be used. It is a valuable item to have on hand. Yvette’s favorite over the counter brand is Sovereign Silver, which is sold at most health food stores. Your local health store can recommend other quality brands, as well.

Stay tuned for information on more recommendations for your Alternative Emergency Kit.

NOTE: This information is provided for informational purposes only. As with all health information, always consult your health care professional before beginning any new treatment. This information is not intended to serve as medical advice and should not be used to diagnose or treat any health issues. The owner of this site does not assume any liability from the use of any information provided.