Nuts, seeds, berries, green leafy vegetables, some fruits, and lightly steamed vegetables.

These are foods we should be in the habit of including in our diet daily if we want to treat our body like a temple. Too often we want something quick and easy. We don’t have the time to prepare a decent meal, so it’s off to some fast food restaurant or drive-thru.

I say, go ahead. … Eat fast food!

How much better would it be to drive by a supermarket, run in and buy a bag of carrots and an apple or bag of almonds?

That seems pretty fast to me!

Just remember: when you are reaching for that healthy “fast food,” keep in mind the importance of buying organic.

Most of us cannot afford to purchase all of our food organic, however fruits and vegetables are essential!

You see, live foods have a vibrational frequency that feeds our body the best nutrition available. Non-organic fruits and vegetables are often sprayed with pesticides or given chemicals to make them grow larger or bug resistant. They may also be genetically modified (GMO) in some way. All of these factors can change the fruit’s or vegetable’s makeup.

These altered foods will not feed your body with the optimal nutrition needed to not only survive, but to thrive!